Parenting Challenges

Hi!! Parenting OC asked me what I thought was the biggest parenting challenge…I wanted to share with you my response. What do you think?
“I think the biggest parenting problem is the ego and stress. Becoming self aware and having tools to enter into bliss will equip parents with everything their looking for in raising a conscious, intelligent, and happy child. It’s the connection with ourselves that parents lack. The drama of their own egotistical woes and challenges. Parents need to grow up and realize their state of consciousness is their responsibility. It’s time for parents to evolve and realize the kingdom of heaven is here right now, and If their not feeling it, to realize their in their head, In that egoic sence that separates us from our true Self, from the Love and Peace and expression of Joy when we’re connected. Connect to your true essence, know thy self, and problems with your children will cease to exist. We’re meant to experience heaven and share love and joy with our kids. Don’t let your ego run your life constantly making a drama out of nothing. You have the power to direct your mind to that of one that creates more love, peace and joy in your life and until you realize that your mental state is Your responsibility you will continue to be a victim and thus continue to disempower your kids through your bad example. But the good news is, that which you seek; the clarity, the love, the joy, the divine presence, is here right now, and never leaves! The choice to be present to this love and wisdom within you is Yours. We have powerful tools for helping parents integrate this into their lives and eliminating everyday stresses, and I look forward to sharing these teachings with more parents throughout Orange County. We can create the heavenly life we all deserve. It’s not even one step away. It’s here right now. Breathe in and integrate it even now.”14192674_839085619555245_2309810222049912482_n

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