Conscious Parenting class reminder and LOVE!

Tomorrow Sunday August 21st from 1-3pm! Hope to see you there! Location: The Yoga Center 445 17th st. Costa Mesa Ca. Bring your spouse and let me help lay some AMAZING foundations for your family. I swear these tools WILL change your families lives forever. I am jumping in my skin excited to share with you and see how you take them and apply them into your life and hear your successes and breakthroughs! Also If any of you have any success stories or testimonials from working with me would you mind replying and giving me a testimonial? I’m working on building my business of helping more parents and children Enlighten and I would Love your support in either spreading the word about my counseling and courses for kids or a testimonial! A Video testimonial would be great! or just typing words is great too! I Love you guys and I look forward to helping you deepen your connection to the divine to live a richer life in Peace Love and Joy!




p.s. I’m still giving out free phone consultations! Text or call me to set one up for yourself! (714)928-2520 I Love you

Heres me in the redwoods last weekend! So blissful being around these trees! I miss them already! see you tomorrow 🙂


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