15 yr old Alivia’s experience

Hey parents! We had our last class from my very first Spiritual and Life Coaching course over the summer and miss Alivia had so much to tell me about how grateful she was and what it has done for her so I asked to video her talking about it for a minute so I could share with you all! Come see it here! http://letsenlightentogether.com/spiritual-and-life-coaching-course-for-kids/ She did an amazing job and I look forward to seeing how her spirit guides her in her life now! All the kids did great and had big shifts! They will have tools for life and be able to help others find deeper peace within too.
New courses begin the last week of September 2016! And I am always available to work privately with you and your kids too.

Blessings and Love, Jessi
go here to learn more about the course http://letsenlightentogether.com/spiritual-and-life-coaching-course-for-kids/ ,

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