Summer Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids!

Hey Parents! Next week we begin a new Spiritual and life Coaching Yoga course for Kids and parents! Each week we will meet on Thursday afternoons from 4:30-6pm starting July 7th through August 11th.

We will be practicing:IMG_2246

Yoga, Meditation, Self Awareness Discussions, getting to know ourselves better, Learning how to deal with difficult situations, like with unhappy people, Learning to be thoughtful, Grateful and understand our gifts and talents. We will play some fun Yoga games and end in deep relaxation and deep breathing excersizes. It’s a complete wellness training for children to learn how to be self sufficient and responsible for their state of consciousness and behaviors. From this course they will walk away with tools for happiness and peace and a greater self awareness, plus a practice they can come back to daily for inner clarity and direction.


Blessings and Love and I hope to see your kids in my class This next Thursday at Infinite You Meditation Studio in Costa Mesa!

p.s. Parents get a conscious parenting class to learn the tools too! And a private coaching session with me too! Each child receives a report card on their progress.



Jessi Moon

p.p.s. I am always happy to come to your area to hold a course for your kids and their friends and if your far far away don’t hesitate to call me so I can help guide you in your parenting! I Love You! blessings

reply to this email if your interested in the course or want to sign up! Hope to see you soon! IMG_8428


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