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Hi! Happy now. How are you? This Friday I’ll be speaking in Long Beach at 7pm. Heres the link to the event.

This last weekend I went to go see Dr Shefali Tsabery a leader in the conscious parenting movement. It was so sweet connecting with her. Her message is the same. It’s fascinating to me to see other women so strongly speaking this awareness. She talked about the ego mostly and how parents are so full of themselves and have absolutely no training in parenting yet are so righteous in their approach. It was awesome. She is pretty good at calling out peoples ego’s. Helping people to be conscious of their unconsciousness is really a big key. But what I’m getting from connecting with her and few other conscious parenting teachers is Connection with your child is the most important. Everything else will be effortless once you establish a strong connection with your child.

But what I see that is missing is the connection with the divine. With Love, How can you connect with your child in Love if you feel angry, upset and tired? Of course your intention is still there, your doing your best right? We all are, but what actually makes the difference between a conscious parent and one who allows themselves to go unconscious more often?

The practice of Meditation. This is my message to you parents. You can learn so many good ideas from me, from Dr. Shefali from many more Enlightening conscious parenting teachers, but when are these teachings going to actually be ingrained in your field of energy?! The answer is when you start meditating daily.

Do you have my guided meditations? here is my sound cloud station and I have a great 17 minute meditation too you should have already gotten but here it is again…

Commit to something everyday, read my material, Dr. Shefli’s work, know that connecting with your child is key to all your problems with them. It’s not finding the right discipline. It’s connecting heart to heart with compassion and Love, Sit everyday so you develop your connection with the divine Love so you begin to FEEL the shift within you and watch how it enhances your connection to your child. Blessings and Love,


p.s. do it 😉

and maybe see you Friday in Long Beach! @7pm see link at topmember_108743362



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