Hey Mama! I gotta say, you have sacrificed so much for your children. Pretty much your entire self huh? So because of your outpouring of unconditional Love I want to send you ALL MY LOVE. We are making a difference the way we are raising our children. This new thinking about being a conscious parent and wanting to raise our children in a higher Love itself is guiding us to manifesting it. So thank you for fallowing me and letting me support you and your children. Learning to meditate is so easy but profoundly transformational, learning to take deep breaths if you feel angry or upset and then asking how can I bring more love into the room, is HUGE! Member S.T.O.P? Stop, Take a deep breath, Observe the situation, Perspective on Peace and Love 🙂 heres the video if you forgot 🙂

Keep going mama, that little being in your care is going to grow up beaming from what you learn from me. Don’t hesitate to ask for help ever please. Lets Enlighten Together. I Love You.

Jessi Moon


P.S. New Kids classes begin the week of May 23rd at The Yoga Center on 17th st. in Costa Mesa. Announcement will come this week 🙂 You can come see me this weekend too May 15th to learn more about Conscious Parenting and The Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Kids and Teens. 11:30am at The Yoga Center 445 17th st. Costa Mesa, Ca. Blessings and Love, Have a Great Day!

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