Happy New Year! What is your new years resolution?! May I invite you to think about cultivating a meditation practice? do you want to be happier this year? Do you want to realize who you are? Live in the Bliss? I’ll share with you my story about how I came to be who I am today. When I was 18 I met Steven Sadleir my guru while I was working the front desk at a yoga studio, after I’d check all the students in, I’d slip in to take his class each Monday night. I didn’t know what the word meditation meant, when we closed our eyes I thought to myself, “what the heck are we doing?!” Then I’d think, “this is so cool.” Steven was giving us an invitation to look within ourselves to see who we are. To come to peer into our own essence and develop our life force energy bodies. Until someone tells you to sit, and helps guide you within, you won’t get there. I feel so blessed to have gotten to take his class in person each week back then. Steven conducts his classes over the phone now and has students all over the world who dial in. You are also welcome to come on our class calls and start learning how to look within and tap into the source of energy and love. Steven is an incredible teacher and I owe all my clarity, happiness and ability to sustain a high vibration to his guidance. Now that I’ve been a mother and have an 11 year old boy and see how amazing these tools work for parenting I now get to privately consult parents on learning how to meditate, understanding it’s benefit, and watching their own children flourish just by helping their parents raise their love and light energy vibration. I know how to make peace in families, and am now incredibly intuitive without even trying, just from all my hours of meditating over the past 15 years. My body and mind are developing to a whole new level of awareness and If you ever need help I want you to know you can call me and I’ll be there for you. If you want to get what I’m offering you, Pristine clarity, Ultimate happiness, learn how to control your mind and your children’s too! You CAN and I’ll show you. Having an ENERGETIC awareness of your being and your childs being is the next step in parenting. Developing a deeper sense of respect for your child too because you realize who you are, and who also you child is, is SPIRIT. An expression of the Divine. And this is ALL there IS. You ARE THAT in expression. Live in your own LIGHT! Become conscious of what state of consciousness you are in throughout your day, and learn the tools to sustain a higher state of consciousness, now not only for your own happiness, bliss and clarity of mind but because you are responsible for another human being! And if you don’t understand life, know who you are, and happy…How do you expect to guide your child to their ultimate Happiness and successful existence? All they are, are refections of you. Wake up and realize how powerful you are. Help your children feel your love, by allowing yourself to dive directly into the source of Love EVERY SINGLE DAY. And THIS is what meditation is. Diving into the source of Love. Don’t think of it any other way. It is your time with God, To fill up in Love. Download my guided meditation if you haven’t already, there is also one from Steven on the free guided meditations page too. Enjoy this year! To meditating everyday in 2016!!!! Let me support you! Call me when you need help. (714)928-2520 Big Hugs and All my Love..

Jessi Moon

P.S. Next Saturday Jan 9th we are having an adult Satsang on The Cresent Bay Point Park grass over looking the ocean in Laguna Beach at 11:30am and The fallowing weekend we are having a Rainbow gathering to bring all the children who we are intending to raise in a higher awareness and Love, that will be January 16th at 11am. Children wear tie die or bright clothes!


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