Enlightening your Consciousness Parents

Up’s and downs, everyone has up’s and downs. When you understand your mind and the tools for raising your consciousness those down’s don’t last as long, and eventually begin to be eliminated from your life. And if they come back your awareness and ability to use your tools, like meditation, or S.T.O.P. will guide you back into your true higher essence filled with Love, where your meant to be!

You can’t express higher consciousness, raise your children in a higher consciousness if you don’t yourself understand how to abide in a higher consciousness.

The first step in understanding and learning how to abide in a higher state of awareness and Love is realize that it is your choice what state of consciousness you are in.

Steps for raising your Consciousness:

1. Realize your level of consciousness is your choice.
2. Learn Tools to raise your consciousness to remain in a higher state.
3. Practice them EVERYDAY till they become second nature and habitual.
4. Enjoy your life living in a higher Love and awareness!
5. Call me if you ever need help!

I Love you and am so happy to get to be this support in your growth to understanding yourself better, becoming happier, and watching you raise your kids consciously!

The greatest wisdom and advice you will find for you and for your life is within you! Learning to connect more deeply with the innate intelligence within you will not only make you feel better more consistently and give you the energy you need to do the things you want and need to get done but bring more smiles to your children’s faces! Having them know they are truly Loved by you and have your support 100%! no more worries, no more frowny faces, no more arguing, we’re moving into-UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.

Many Blessings,

Jessi Moon

Phone consultations available if your out of area, and if your in area I can come to you!!


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