The Yoga of Conscious Parenting Courses!

How to Connect with your kids better and provide them the support they need to ensure they flourish in life?…..When you learn tools to keep your energy as high and flowing as possible, you are more able to help your child release their own negativity. Everything is energy and your either aware of what energy your in and how your conducting it or your not. Yoga teaches us how to connect to the life force energy in our bodies, when we’re connected to this life force we feel a great flowing sense of Love and light, When we live in a great sense of Love and Light flowing from within us we are more loving and conscious with our children. We communicate with greater ease when we feel good. When we are stressed, which all parents experience, we tend to pass on our stressed energy into our families. Learning to take ultimate care of ourselves is essential for raising intelligent kids. We know this in neuroscience now, how children who are more stressed are not able to develop the higher centers in their brain as easily as a child who feels calm and loved. Love is the power that heals and transforms and now we see clearly in neuroscience in the optimal development of the brain as well. Learning to be more conscious brings more love and light into your life, and what better motivation to push yourself forward in learning and evolving your consciousness than your beautiful child, who is looking to you for direction and guidance. Do you have the tools to give them for optimal health, well being, and happiness? What are there struggles right now and how can we help them shift into courage, strength more fun and love? We will get together to discuss Self Awareness practices and ideas that I know will forever change the way you parent. What I’ve learned through my training at The Self Awareness Institute has allowed for me to energetically provide the Love and support my son needs to flourish. I am the living proof what I share works. And I look forward to sharing with you! May you be blessed by the divine. Namaste


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*Yoga Squared in Tustin begins Saturday Oct 3rd 5:30-7pm

*The Yoga Mat in Orange (not Anaheim!) Beginning Tuesday Oct. 6th at 7-8:30pm

What: The Yoga of Conscious Parenting: A Three Course Series

Time: 7-830pm

Dates: Tuesdays, 10/6, 10/13, & 10/20

Location: The Yoga Mat in Orange

Price: $70, 3 week series or $25 per session; $60 early bird price before September 22nd.


Description: Have you ever thought about how the principals of yoga apply to parenting? How you can use self awareness techniques to help guide your child and yourself into deeper connection? The understanding of yoga can help you to be a better parent. When you understand consciousness and know how to live with a higher consciousness your children also benefit through you. Where are you parenting from? We will look at our levels of consciousness, understand ourselves and our unconscious patterns more clearly and ensure not to pass on our unconsciousness to our children. Instead, we will parent from high states of peace, love, happiness and clarity. You have it in you to get this and truly be an empowered parent. This class series will cover so much, you don’t want to miss one.

Namaste and I look forward to seeing you soon! Your children deserve to have a conscious parent raise them 🙂 You got this. Jai Guru.

Instructor: Jessi Moon is a teacher for The Self Awareness Institute, founded by Shaktipat Kundalini Master Steven Sadleir. She’s been teaching parents and kids yoga and self awareness techniques for the last 6 years. She has a private practice where she helps coach kids and parents into higher awareness, Love, connection and peace. She enjoys surfing, has an 11 year old boy and teaches yoga and meditation classes around Orange County. Visit her website to learn more at



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