Enlightening the Next Generation

Mindfulness/Conscious Parenting, Meditation and Yoga for adults and kids in Orange County



New Mindfulness Yoga Therapy sessions available! Great for Families to do together or Individually! 


Would you and your children like to evolve yourselves to a higher degree of Peace, Awareness, Love, Happiness and Connection?  Are you looking for a stronger connection with your true self and perhaps with your children? Do you OR your kids need tools for sustaining a higher consciousness, love vibration and mindfulness? You’ve come to the right place! My name is Jessi Moon, I’m a spiritual and mindfulness life coach trained at The Self Awareness Institute. I help parents, children and adults raise their consciousness and learn self awareness tools so we can enter into our full potential and shift the consciousness of the planet for our future generation! My programs and private counseling services are for Parents, children and anyone seeking to gain clarity, heal and develop a deeper connection to themselves, life purpose, kids and the people around them. The tools I have to share with you will EMPOWER you and your kids. Imagine you and or your children equipped with Self Awareness tools to always have a way of finding peace and love within and being able to gain clarity and direction in any moment! 

 I have a passion for supporting all people including mothers, fathers and children to help create the next generation of Enlightened beings to bless our planet. Classes and private sessions are for anyone seeking healing, yoga, conscious parenting/ mindfulness tools, and a deeper connection to their authentic selves.  Services have been shown to shift extreme bad behavior cases with children, even with severe ADHD symptoms and my program is great for Autistic children also. No matter what problems you face, what your issue, weather its for your own clarity, healing, or connection with your child, I can help you learn to awaken and become more present for better results in your life. These programs help children access their higher minds and be able to focus better in school also. I believe in the idea that “Anything is possible” and have a deep understanding of our energy bodies and help people learn how to direct their energy into a more effective place for connecting and receiving more positive results in their lives and with their children.

I come to homes if your in Orange County or LA or you can come to me too, I also come to schools to implement mindfulness yoga programs for students, parents and teachers and I can also even work with people over the phone or Skype too. For kids and teens I have small group trainings called The Yoga and Mindfulness Course for Kids and Teens, see tab above. 


 Appreciate your time spent connecting with me! Now Lets Enlighten Together! Don’t hesitate to let me help and shine more light in you and your kids lives!




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