Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation

Jessi Moon-Conder, the day I met you and you first showed me how to meditate, I had no clue how or what to do, but it has changed my life and I am forever grateful for being guided to you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH Christian now has skills and tools that I wish I had at his age. – Rachel Clegg

Private and Group Services:

Reduce Anxiety and Increase Focus and Happiness. Heal the mind. Heal the body. Stay Happy, Conscious and focused.

Individual sessions for kids, teens, parents and adults. Learn to meditate, reduce stress, gain coping skills and heal in body and mind. Jessi travels to homes in Orange County, Ca

Group Classes: Through the city of Newport Beach, Ca

Mindful Parenting Workshop:  Saturday April 28th 2019

 Kids and Teen Mindfulness and Yoga

Adult Meditation and Mindfulness

Baby & Me Yoga

Corona Del Mar Sunset Beach Yoga Tuesdays

Family Mindfulness and Yoga (once per month)

One Day Meditation Retreats

Through the city of Newport Beach, Ca

 If you click the link form your smart phone you will need to type in the specific class your interested in for it to pop up, but if you click form your computer all the classes will pop up automatically: So please if you can go to your computer and click here to see the list of classes available to you from Jessi through the city of Newport Beach, CA

One Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Irvine, Ca.

April 28th 2019 www.Clubkidsyoga.com

Understanding Meditation and going deeper 4 week series begins Friday June 7th 2019 6-7:30pm www.rayoga.com

You can request to bring Jessi to give a free Mindful Parenting Talk at your child’s school and offer training for the teachers to bring mindfulness into the classrooms. Please call for more information on that. (714)928-2520

Jessi helps kids, parents and adults learn the science and practices of mindfulness which creates more happiness, peace and purpose in life. Emotional problems like anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and other behavior problems can be better controlled and consciously directed with mindfulness practices. We know this in the science and in our own experience working with kids and adults for over 30 years. The work helps you become more centered, clear minded, happy, feeling good, thoughtful, and more focused. This practice is science proven to increase resiliency and higher intelligence. Children, Families and Adults are able to shift effortlessly. Even in severe cases like suicidal thinking, anxiety or anger the practices work to redirect the mind and find positivity. Mindfulness/ Self awareness practices are the key to a happy life. Being with Jessi and in her presence is very healing for people and especially for children going through a difficult time. The body and mind have an innate ability to heal itself on an emotional, mental and physical level. Jessi is intuitive and can see whats going on and help people on a deeper level to grow the awareness they need to achieve their goals and equilibrium of mind within themselves and for their Children and Teens. Kids especially LOVE Jessi and her playful healing presence she brings to them. She is exceptional with working with children. Like a child whisperer.

Text to set up a free phone consultation with Jessi, service is for everyone: Families, Adults, Teens, Kids, Babies, Mothers, Fathers. The tools improve happiness and allow for one to gain a greater understanding.

Cell: (714)928-2520

email: Jessi@LetsEnlightenTogether.com

  We can heal anything. Believe in the highest vision for yourself and your family.

Lets Enlighten Together!

“Hi Jessi, Thank you for such a fun session. Preston (9 yrs old) really loves you. <3 You are such a blessing to Preston and me. Thank you so much for everything.” – Carin Preston’s grandma
Would you and your children like to gain tools to evolve yourselves to a higher degree of Peace, Awareness, Love, and Happiness?  Are you looking for a stronger connection to the wisdom and peace within you and with your children? Could there be more Love and flow within you and between you? My name is Jessi Moon Conder, I’m a senior teacher and mindfulness coach from the Self Awareness Institute. I’ve been trained over 17 years with a master. I teach tools to combat stress, anxiety, and for finding greater clarity and purpose. Parents, Teachers, Children, Teens and Young Adults learn to live in a more conscious happy place when they work with me. We also conduct teacher trainings too. These tools teach us to control the mind and emotions. They allow us and our kids to enter into our full potential. I have group classes and private clients in LA and Orange County. I live in Orange County so most my private clients are in O.C. and I visit their homes and the schools in the area, but also can travel. My services heal anxiety in children, depression, anger, Adhd, OCD and other negative behaviors and feelings including helping children with Autism.  These tools are EMPOWERING. Imagine you and your kids happy and confident equipped with mindfulness tools always knowing a way to direct your mind to finding peace and love within and able to gain the clarity you need and focus in any moment! The shifts really are profound. You need to call me if your child is experiencing anxiety or any other negative emotions ASAP or for yourself for that matter! Or to Bring this program into your entire school! See The Triad Mindfulness Program Tab above for my school program. The Happy Family Transformation program is for private family therapy over a 3 month period or the Mindfulness and Yoga for Kids/ Teens tab for group private kids classes. This work helps children access their higher minds and be able to focus better in school, improve grades and academic performance too. I give seminars and classes to many schools around O.C…and Im happy to come to your school or group to talk to anyone about these tools for free. Mindfulness counseling is also great if you and your child just need some healing and love too…or for group family mindfulness loving healing therapy sessions. I believe in the idea that “Anything is possible” and have a deep understanding of our energy bodies and help people learn how to direct energy into a more effective place for connecting and receiving more positive results in our lives and with our children. Peace and flow is our natural state, especially  kids, if your not in a flow, let me help you bring it back. Let me give you the tools to balance you and your kids mental, emotional and energetic state. I look forward to connecting with you personally! Teens love to meditate and love to learn a healthy way of getting “high” and happy without drugs or any other negative outlets. This is the new era and meditating is cool, way cooler than vaping or smoking pot to get “high”, I love teaching teens to get a natural high on their own life force energy by tuning into it. This is the new science of our time, I teach in a very scientific way so everyone can understand how the energy flows within our bodies and how this meditation helps release anxiety, lower our brain wave frequencies and empower us to staying happy and peaceful. This is powerful stuff and will give you and your kids an extra edge in life. I can come to your home if your in Orange County or LA or you can come to my office in Costa Mesa, I also come to schools to implement The Triad Mindfulness programs and also work with people over the phone or Skype too, so don’t hesitate to gain the knowledge. The shift you seek can be made and Effortlessly! I look forward to hearing from you! With Love, Jessi (714)928-2520
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