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 Advanced Mindfulness for Kids, Teens, Parents and all those that work with kids and teens


THE NEW MINDFULNESS WEEKEND TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATION Info is here: http://stevensadleir.com/happy-kids-mindfulness-program/

Reduce Anxiety and negative feelings in your Kids and increase focus with mindfulness tools. Call (714)928-2520 to set up you or your child’s private mindfulness counseling appointment.  

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Would you and your children like to evolve yourselves to a higher degree of Peace, Awareness, Love, and Happiness?  Are you looking for a stronger connection to the wisdom and peace within you and with your children? Could there be more Love and flow within you and between you? My name is Jessi Moon, I’m a meditation and advanced mindfulness counselor trained over 17 years at The Self Awareness Institute. I help parents, children and adults to live in a more conscious happy place and learn mindfulness tools. These tools allow us and our kids to enter into our full potential thus allowing us to help shift the consciousness of the planet for a brighter more happy and peaceful future. I have group classes and private clients in LA and Orange County. I live in Orange County so most my private clients are in O.C. and I visit their homes but I work with parents over the phone too. My services heal anxiety in children, depression, anger, Adhd, and other negative behaviors and feelings.  These tools are EMPOWERING. Imagine you and your kids happy and confident equipped with mindfulness tools always knowing a way to direct your mind to finding peace and love within and able to gain the clarity you need and focus in any moment! The shifts really are profound. You need to call me if your child is experiencing anxiety or any other negative emotions ASAP or for yourself. (714)928-2520

We’ve seen extreme bad behavior cases with children, even with severe ADHD and OCD symptoms shift very quickly and this is great for Autistic children also. It helps children access their higher minds and be able to focus better in school, improve grades and academic performance too. Or if you and your child just need healing and love… I believe in the idea that “Anything is possible” and have a deep understanding of our energy bodies and help people learn how to direct energy into a more effective place for connecting and receiving more positive results in our lives and with our children. Peace and flow is your natural state, especially with your kids. Let me give you the tools to balance your mental emotional and energetic state. I look forward to connecting with you personally! Teens love to meditate and love to learn a healthy way of getting “high” and happy without drugs or any other negative outlets. 

I can come to your home if your in Orange County or LA or you can meet me at one of my offices too, I also come to schools to implement mindfulness programs for students, parents and teachers and I can also even work with people over the phone or Skype too, so don’t hesitate to let me help you. I’m here and the shift can be made! Effortlessly! Look forward to hearing from you.

With Love,






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